Starting his youth moving between England, Sweden and the U.S.A. Emanuel Johnstrom grew up a bilingual and creative person. His interest for performance started at 8 years old where he in England attended for a short duration dance classes. At the age of 12 he retook the urge for performance starting with dance, theatre and song. After moving back to Sweden at the age of 15 he continued his search for performance taking part in theatre groups after school and dance, later on attending a theatre Gymnasium(swedish "high school").

After finishing school. He was, six months later, lucky enough to be chosen as one of the first students of Boulevardteaterns theatre school. Here he learned Corporeal mime, shakespeare, clown, dramaturgi, mask, puppetry and mime based in Marcel Marceau and Stanislav Browsovski techniques among other things.

Boulevardteatern gave him several oppurtunities to perform and introduced him to Lighting and sound as he worked for them after the education. During this time he worked with capoeira training and Barnens underjordiska scen, where he took charge as an actor and head technician.

Reaching a point where he felt he had to expand his knowledge further so enrolled in Malmö University to study Performing Arts Design. This was a education that focused on the production of theatre, concert and art installation. The work would focus on lighting, sound and stage design, delving into the ways we are able to use technology and materials to tell stories and the importance of unity in themes and viewing the entire picture of the stage.

Malmö was also a time in which He performed and worked with different productions and companies in a artistic aspect. Three years were spent in Malmö educating, taking a larger focus on music and also working for six months in Denmark alongside scenographer Rikke Juellund, spending the summers working as a performer for the swedish theme park High Chaparral.

Finally finished in Malmö and the next step was to travel to Paris and attend École internationalé de theatre Jacques Lecoq. Here learning french and more importantly Dramaturgi, Directing, Acrobatics and Acting. Discovering such areas as Melodrama, Commedia dell’arte, théâtre du geste, tragedy, bouffon, mystere, clown, the neutral mask and much more.

“Lecoq was the toughest school or even experiences that I have had. It was two years of pushing every limit of your body and mind for weeks even months on end. The amount of knowledge I feel I received from that experience however will be the base for my work in the future and what ever happens next…”