Going Home

Going home is a short film I made as an excercise in creativity. I worked with actress Suel Lee to create this film after writing a script inspired by conversations I had with her.

During one month I wrote, filmed, edited and scored this short film on my own. It was great fun to work with all the people involved. SUEL Lee, KATHLEEN O'Reilly, FRANCESCO Gabrieli, JOON HO Kang.

In a bar

This was very quickly thrown together based on a small moment of inspiration.


A first experimnetation with a upgraded camera alongside praticing my old mime skills, please enjoy these 3 minutes.

Mes Affaires

With a song created during confinedment and video made during 38 degree heat. I had the honour of directing and choreographing these 4 performers during a one day shoot.


The first larger scale production I created. Having the oppurtunity to combine the knowledge and skill of a large group of people I was able to attempt this first experiment into combining principles of cinema and theatre.

Threw a window

This song and video were recorded and made during the 2020 confinement.

Still searching my home

Recorded and wrote this song.


With the music and inspiration from Ed Sheerhan I recorded this dance video staring Francesco Gabrieli


As a student of Lecoq I had the great honour to take part in and shape the music video for Glen Hansards song I'll be you be me.